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One of the main points of focus in permaculture is the use of perennial plants as opposed to annuals. Here in the Florida Keys, many plants that are usually considered annuals can be grown as perennials.  For example, I once had a pepper plants in my AP system for over 3 years, and Ive grown the same basil plants for about the same duration.  

Right now, Im trying to focus on perennial, heat loving greens in the system, so I have moringa, katuk, malabar spinach and some others in AP.

Anyone else growing perennials in their system?  

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I have parsley and a small sweet pepper.  My chard is over a year so I guess one could say that's a perennial.

What type of chard is it?  Where are you located?  I would not expect that to last so long.  Has it tried to bolt?

It is called City Lights (different color stems).  No it hasn't bolted.  I'm in Portland OR


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