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I'm looking for advise about converting to solar PV.   I bought a 12V 200gph pump from Harbor Freight and hooked it up to a 12V car battery and a 2A charger to keep the battery topped off.  The pump says 'Not For Continuous Use' so it is currently only for times when the power goes out. 

But I would like to convert entirely over to a solar system.   I'm looking for a solar panel to provide enough current to run the 12V 6A pump.  I'm guessing I should look for an 18V panel, and a 12V charge controller.  Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.

I'm also hoping someone will direct me toward a 12V pump that is built to run continuously.  I have found a few, but the prices are outrageous.  Is there anything for $100.00 or less?

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Hey Matt, a small 120v icecube relay draws very little power and could greatly simplify your change over circuit. I am using a 2 amp ch on a truck battery and with the Harbor Freight inverter (400/800 at $30) I can run my 1.6 amp air pump and 1.6 amp Little Giant 1100 gph pond pump for a few hrs in a power outage. I too will be setting up an ice cube relay to control all soon. I'll post some results when time allows. I was going to use my APC 1400 ups but I need that in the cabin for brown outs as well as power outages. This is much cheaper as well although I did get the 1400 off Ebay for around $85 delivered but that takes 24v and I use 4 golf cart bats on that one and all that ads up.

Matt T. said:

Does anyone have any ideas on utilizing some kind of a switch to turn on a back-up pump after a power outage? The only thing I've come up with so far is a photocell facing a small LED night light, so when the power goes out, so does the light. This would at least signal the photocell to activate. I still need to work out how this will activate the pump though?

The safedome is a transportable 8 ton concrete and steel building capable of withstanding 200 mph winds or more.

Installing solar panel and battery backup each dome is capable to run pumps and aerators in a secure enviornmentally controlled building OFF THE GRID as a fish hatchery a 500 gallon tank can easily be installed.  PLUS a safedome can save your life!

I just bought a 1.57 A, 1300L/hr (343 gal), 12V pump for continuous use from Hong Kong via ebay. $44 with free shipping. Let's hope it lives up to the promise!


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