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I just ordered a pocket tower for my tank to plant some crops this season.  I'd like to use expanded shale as the media and was going to order from the aquaponic store as well...but the shipping is more than the shale, and I don't need 25 liters, lol.  

Has anyone in the Seattle area found a place to buy it? I haven't seen it in any of the hardware stores, and not sure if there are landscape providers who sell it.


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Did you find a source? I'm in the Seattle area too and need a cost effective source for media.

I see hydroton at, but I haven't found any expanded shale. I'm thinking one 8x4 Ebb/Flow GB to start, and then adding a second one as I figure things out. The cost is pretty high so I may end up expanding with as many floats in a continuous flow system as possible. 

didn't find a cheap source, but I ended up using hydroton since I don't use that much...cost wasn't so high
What is a pocket tower please? Michael in Seattle
Hydro-tech hydroponics 2121 aurora ave north

Please tell me where you ordered your pocket tower do you have a web site for it? Thanks Michael in seattle

Also the indoor sun shoppe in Fremont in Seattle has it, don't know the price though.


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