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My apologies!  I intended to start a discussion but originally sent it as an e-mail.

While researching AP I find myself longing for constant sunshine! I am wondering if AP is really
sustainable in the midwest and financially feasable. I am working on setting up a small basement
system to get started. Wondering what you all are finding out?

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I see this post is almost 3 years old and nobody has responded. I don't know anything about your community, so I can't say yes or no. What I can say is that I started with a 4x9 foot basement system based on a 30 gallon aquarium, just to learn the ropes. 6 months later, I moved on to a larger system in my garage with 600 gallons of fish tanks and exclusively use vertical grow methods. Both systems use BadBoy T5 florescent lighting which doesn't add too much to the electric bill and the garage system is heated with an ever so basic wood/biomass burning stove that has a custom heat exchanger that keeps my tanks warm, as well as heats the well insulated/sealed garage that has reflective walls in order to retain all radiant heat. Now, while I can't make a living off of this small system, it only costs me about $75 a month to run it, but grosses a minimum of $1000 per month in the winter and a minimum of $1500 per month in the summer. It's all a matter of finding the people who realize the value in your product and are willing to buy it. Keep in mind, this is just a small 12x12 foot isolated part of the garage. Not a bad amount of money for such a small area, and not a whole lot of effort to run it (it's my hobby anyway). I live in Nebraska, I have too many trees to build a greenhouse here, this alternative method works and pays for itself. Not getting rich off if it, but that extra $1000 per month sure comes in handy.

i've got a "single tote" ibc system and an 8' kiddie pool with 3 ibc growbeds in my basement in northeast ohio.. i've been growing out yellow perch, bluegill and tilapia (nile and blue)

as well as rosy red minnows and marmokreb crayfish - i use regular t8 shop lights (48" 32watt) - 4 pairs per growbed

can harvest one fish dinner a week for my wife and i

This is an old post but deserves a response.

You can absolutely grow here in the midwest!  The best way to do it, in my experience, is to make fish tanks out of old freezers and make grow beds entirely out of foam board insulation, planting your plants through a layer of insulation with holes cut for net pots.  You can grow year round without breaking the bank this way.  Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus on your post.  Hope you're still at it!


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