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I need to bring 3 totes into basement.

I will be cutting off the top 1 foot.

How flexible are the totes to fold back to get through a 3' door way?

Would rather not take door jams apart.


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To clarify IBC not IBM.  No computers involved.

I put a ratchet strap around one and folded it pretty good and fit it through a standard door to get 2 into my basement.
After the top was cut off, like you were saying. Good luck!

They are amazingly tough. Try not to allow it to kink and you are fine.

 While I try to use IBCs exclusively since I get them very cheap and they work great, My recommendation would be to build a large tank from wood and pond liner for your fish and then use the cut off IBCs for GBs. Another suggestion if you have the room is cut an IBC in half and connect the halves together via a SLO pipe and keep fish in both sides. You could separate them by size then if you want. I can send you a diagram of how to hook that up if you like.

Thanks all.

Mark Liles I never thought of the ratchet straps and they made it very easy to maneuver.


Good to know. Never crossed my mind either.


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