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We live in N.Central Fl..We are getting set up for aquaponics and need to know where to buy a 'CLEAR' food grade ibc tank for fish.

Will also need to know where to buy other products for aquaponics later. We'r on a budget so need to find out the cost we are facing. Thanks,Marie.

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I am in the ocala area all the totes I found are priced to high so I quit buying Im hoping they will come back down some there are some people that started jacking the prices up I was getting mine out of tampa

They are not food grade but you might try contacting Tanya about IBC's.  (they used to hold fertilizer so they can't be called food grade but for a home system you can make your own personal choices about what containers to use.)

Tanya Bateman
Product Coordinator, RCP
813-451-4689             941-348-0320

Sarasota Water Tank Supply

I have bought several in Astatula FL. The supply this guy has is always in very good condition and they have been used for laundry soap transport so a good rinse and you are good to go. If you are buying more than one he may cut you a deal. 

Contact Jeff  at 407-405-4263 (Cell)

I bought two from George last month.

Only guy on craigslist selling them.  When I first started my aquaponics. I paid $120 for three of them.  Never find that deal again.  Only thing is I had to clean the @$#! out of them for 1 whole week. They had water based construction glue in them. Pain in the butt to clean.   George has nice clean ones for 120 a piece. All I did was a quick soap and water rinse.  They had fluoride in them.

Hope that helps.



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