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Who is up for some tours in Brevard County?  Would love to see some other systems.

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Aquaponics Brevard!  I'm in.

Sounds interesting!

So I was thinking on having the tour on either Jan  21st or the 28th.  We have three locations as of now but would love to have more.  Please let me know if you want to go on the tour or be a stop on it. 

Thanks Ken

I would like to go on the tour.  Please keep me informed of developments.

Best Regards

Greg Pettengill

321 420-9037

28th works for me.  I can't do the 21st.

Sorry everyone, but I just found out that I can't do it on the 28th either, so maybe February 4th.  

February 4th - first Saturday of the month.  That looks good for me.  

When will you be posting address for the three locations of the open tours? Those of us road tripping down from far away lands would like to start


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