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Does anyone use an Iron foliage spray to provide iron to the plants? I have been using powder and adding it to the water but the spray seems a better bargain.

Also I have some "Green Light" Iron and soil acidifier. It contains

sulfur = 3.10%

copper = .12%

zinc = .12%

Iron = 4.6%

Has anyone used this product either adding to the water of as a spray?

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Foliar spray will probably be the most effective (as long as you can manage to spray without burning the plants) at showing fast plant response.

The Iron with the other contents I would be cautious about pouring into AP system water since copper and zinc can be toxic to fish if they build up much at all.  Used carefully, perhaps as a foliar spray it might be ok but if you go adding to your system water you might want to monitor at least the copper and zinc levels to make sure they don't rise to dangerous levels for your fish.

Hi Dan, I spray my plants with maxi crop with iron. I also add some molasses, which also has iron in it.


Here's the make up of molasses...from this article...


Brer Rabbit Blackstrap Molasses
Nutritional Information and Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 1Tbsp. (21g). Servings per Container: About 24. Amount Per Serving: Calories - 60;
Percentage Daily Values; Fat - 0g, 0%; Sodium - 65mg. 3%; Potassium - 800 mg. 23%; Total Carbohydrates - 13g, 4%; Sugars - 12g, Protein - 1g, Calcium - 2%; Iron 10%; Magnesium 15%; Not a significant source of calories from fat, sat. fat, cholesterol, fiber, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.


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