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First the BAD!!!

I planted a few squash in September ( yes they are summer squash), but thought I would try in the fall. The plants are doing fine but they have "things" on them... see below.

I tried "Organicide" which seems to help a lot on other stuff but no this.

Any ideas?

My lettuce and chard is not doing so well in my DWC. Still too hot I think!

Good News!!!!

Ever since it started cooling a bit and we have had some rain, my other stuff is starting to produce.

We have already eaten a few of the green peppers

I am growing two kinds of eggplant.

I can't wait to eat the big out on the bottom. It keeps getting bigger and will not turn red!!!

For a wile the kale stopped growing. It started again when it got cooler.

The celery has not grown much, but it also is a cold weather vegi.

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Things will improve as you learn which things to plant in which seasons. 

Be careful with any "oil" products around aquaponics since any dripping or overspray of oil into aquaponics can be very dangerous to fish.  (same goes for anything with soap.)

In FL I find that a baby lettuce mix or mesclun mix seems to do better for summer than trying to grow single particular varieties into mature heads.  Time for planting more cool weather crops like broccoli, cabbage, more kale and lettuce etc.

I planted okra rather late for this area, July 1 or so, both in aquaponics and in the ground.  The plants in aquaponics absolutely grew like a house on fire while the plants in the ground grew rather nicely but normally.  The plants in the ground are just now in their prime, 6-7  weeks behind the aquaponic okra.  I'll pull the aquaponic okra during the next couple of days and plant some fall/winter vegetables, probably spinach, mostly.  We've found that one aquaponic basil is far more than enough.  Need to learn more about strawberries - the everblooming types haven't been everblooming.  I'll never use the space for kale over the summer again - it doesn't taste good during the hot months.  When spring arrives next year I'll get the winter vegetables out and get the summer vegetables in earlier, before the heat, then get the fall stuff in earlier too.  Timing is very important and an area I need to practice some planning and discipline in.  I'm amazed by the growth rates in my 10-month old system.  Planning an expansion for 2013. . . and so it goes.

Aphids and spidermites I just knock off with a hard spray of water - keep at it.  It is not difficult to control them with water.

I separated some collard starts this evening and set them out, both in the ground and in the aquaponics.  We eat a few and feed them to the chickens and neighbors too. 


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