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Hi everyone.  I'm looking for a local source for Blue Tilapia that I can go to and pick up fish from.  The shipping from out of state sources makes it unrealistic for me to purchase from them.

I appreciate any leads.



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Check out free free free fingerlings group
Check out Florida Fish Farms. They were out of tilapia when I was ready so I got catfish fingerings $30/100. Don't have phone #so w me but I will check site tonight when I get home &I post if no one gives it to u. Located in central fl and they pack in nice box w O2 for trip home.

Hi Edwin,

I saw you posted on free fingerlings group, Sam will probably have some as the weather warms up. I just bought a bunch of comet goldfish from petsmart and walmart until I could get some tilapia from Sam (Free Fingerlings for Aquapons)

Good Luck!

I have alot of fingerlings but I cant really give them away if you are interested give me a call 3524277430 ask for Lonnie I am in ocala area.

My tank is only about 200 gallons (IBC).  I haven't set up my second tank yet.  I imagine a dozen is more than enough to start out.

Thank you very much.


Thanks so much for your offer.  

Things are a little hectic right now.  I'm still trying to make sure that my tank is ready for fish.  So far I've lost a few goldfish, but I think it's getting better.

Is now a good time to present tilapia weather wise?  I'm concerned that it's not warm enough, but then again, I don't know how cold blue tilapia can withstand comfortably.

Thanks for your time and offer.  Hopefully I'll be able to take you up on it soon.


jon and cat billings said:

if you want to come by Sunday??? we will be here. just bring a cooler and an air pump and you will have blue tilapia.


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