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I am a volunteer for a US nonprofit called Amigos for Christ and we are didicated to helping the poor in Necaragua.  I have built a concrete fish tank 4'x4'x60' in Chinandega, Nicaragua and I have a solar powered well that can pump 10,000 GPD on a sunny day into a 1,000 gal elevated tank.  Iam in the  process of adding troughs for a raft system.  I want to build a greenhouse to grow the vegetables in because of the severe insect  and disease problems.  Does anyone have any experience in tropical greenhouse construction? 

Tim Sewell

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Hi! Tim, Sounds like your doing a great job there. I am building a tropical greenhouse in costa rica. I have found a fine mesh screen readily available at several hardware stores. I used for the bottom of walls a split galvanized roof sheet along the bottom to protect from animals and support. To attach the screen I used strips of teak varnished and small bolted to metal. I made mine 20 by 40 feet and used the 3 inch galvanized perling for all walls (set in cement) and roof supports. I realize its slightly more costly in the short term, just don't like having to rebuild things after 2 or 3 years in this climate with wood or bamboo. Will use plastic sheet for roof, UV resistant would be nice if you could find it. Also the green saran covering I would like to roll on during heavy sun heat, roll off for cloudier periods. I don't know what I'm doing but couldn't find anyone else that knew any more. Check my pictures out, will add more soon. Best Wishes


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