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I am writing to you from neighboring Panama, where I started some months ago an AP garden with an attempt to grow tomatoes.  Since we have the same tropical weather, I would like to know if you have experienced problems with white flies.  I have tried to control them spraying the back of the affected leaves with water with soap, and also with garlic, but I can´t completely get rid of it, and in the process I can see that the plants suffeer some.

I would appreciate any help that you can share.


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I never had the white flies until I decided to test a tomato plant. Boum! White flies on that plant only.  I used yellow sticky traps and a mix of chile garlic cocktail. 


It worked but maybe because I had only that tomato plant.



I had two separate lots of plant. One lot with the plants set more separately than the other lot.  I sprayed both with a mix of garlic and chile.  It worked best with the first one, the second one with the plants bunched together, got so infested that I had to discard them completely.

Hola Juan Carlos,

So far we hadn´t  have any problems with pests, what i saw several days ago were some crickets. We have a greenhouse and use for the walls a material called anti afidos (for avoiding aphids and other pests). Recently I planted some mustard seedlings for sure if our system will not be enclosed with this material, the moths will come to attaclk the mustard plants (mostaza). I had a while ago some plants of mustard growing in some containers with compost not in the greenhouse, so all the plants had larva (gusanos). I will check for more information about natural repellents for getting rid off the white flies

Hi Juan, I live in Panama also, Volcan.  I also had a problem with white flies, but I planted marigold around the system and don't have that problem any more.  I ordered marigold from the States, which are different than the marigold here..


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