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Ok, Catfish group order. Will be calling the fish farm to see what they have available. Finally I've had a stretch of time without any fish kills or disease presenting so looking to re-stock catfish again.

So, who is still up for some Catfish. Ron has sent me an e-mail and I have a tank/system for quarantine so it's time.

$1 per fish is what I figure lately for bluegill or small catfish, we have to schedule pickup times when I can be home for catching fish and you need a container and aerator for the transport of the fish home with you as I don't have oxygen or the stuff for bagging the fish.

Called the fish farm and it will be a couple weeks before they have fingerlings so let me know ASAP if you are in for the order and for how many so I know how many to get.

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Ok, I never heard back from anyone else.  We got the catfish this morning and I've set some aside for Ron.  I didn't get many extra so if you still want some you better be the first one to contact me.


Currently Florida Fish Farms has small channel Catfish fingerlings on the small side of the 3-5" range.  I think their minimum order is like $30 and you have to call and call again till you actually get a hold of them 352-793-4224 (they rarely respond to messages on the answering machine and I've never gotten a reply to any e-mails.)


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