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 (from today’s newsletter of the California Aquaculture Association)


“On July 19th, 2012 Governor Jerry Brown announced the appointment of Randy Lovell as the new Aquaculture Coordinator at the California Department of Fish and Game. Lovell is a highly experienced member of California's aquaculture industry, with his recent, related positions including: Consultant at RLovell Marketing, regional manager at Instrumentation Northwest Inc., president at Stillwater Farms, general manager at Golden State Koi and Watergardens, president and founder at Balance Aqua Systems, to name a few.


CAA plans to work closely with Lovell to continually achieve our mission of protecting, promoting, and building California's aquaculture industry.


More information on Lovell's appointment can be found here.”


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Randy and getting to know him some through the CAA exhibit at the State Fair last year and this year, and through a volunteer aquaponics project at a local high school.  I find him to be very energetic, knowledgeable, friendly, and fair-minded.  And, he’s quite supportive of aquaponics. 


The Aquaculture Coordinator position has been vacant for quite some time.

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Indeed, super supportive and positive person. I've learned more from Randy over the last week than I ever knew about fish, flow and aquaculture in general. Bodes well for the DFG and he is a friend of aquaponics as well.

@Paul:  Hi, could you please post the website about " More information on Lovell's appointment can be found  here"  I clicked "here" but it seems it did not work.




Hi Yihong,

Sure, no problem.

I tested the original link and it works for me, but for you or anyone else for whom it is not working, the web page is:


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