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Complete Aquaponics system
300 Gallon IBC fish tank with Tilapia fish, breeding adults and hundreds of small fish for next seasons harvest.
2, 4 by 8 gravel beds with gravel for growing veggies, and 2, 3 by 6 floating raft beds with 30, 3" cups each for lettuce and other quick light crops and you can grow shrimp or crawfish underneath.
2, 100 gallon sump tanks.
Comes with pumps and bubbler, all plumbing plus extra parts, heaters and a PVC frame and plastic for winter cover. Parts and instructions for a swirl filter.
Cinder Blocks to hold up the beds.
I will advise you on setting up, taking care of the fish and plants.
This system has been running smoothly for several years. Everything needed is included.

Janet 916-275-8402 to have a look

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where are you based?

Hi Janet,

I am north of the Sacramento area in Brownsville about 1 1/2 hours drive north of Roseville, just south of Oroville by 20-30 minutes. I am curious why you are selling your aquaponics? Also, what price are you looking for? Is the system still available? I would like to know more about your setup!

Thanks, Robyn


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