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Aquaponic DIY Automation Presentation  -- MARCH 8th

San Francisco, CA


Make:SF - the Bay Makers
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 6:30 PM
Tech Shop SoMa
926 Howard St
San Francisco , CA 94103
Hello Makers, This month we got a great meeting for you. First Eric Maundu and Rik Kretzinger will talk about the aquaponics projects they are working on. Come hear about how they have built their systems, what sensors they are using, and ho...

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sorry already got it set up aurduino style. rather play in my own sandbox.

Any more of these classes?

@Craig - Have not done any more since this one.  It was a general interest one.  Are you in the Bay Area?  I have started going to some hacker and arduino development meet-ups.  If there is enough interest we could establish a Bay Area Aquaponics meet-up like Sacramento has and see how much interest it generates.


yea I'm living in the bay area Pleasanton -  as well as sometimes in valley springs and twain harte area. I travel quite a bit.


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