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I want to find out if anyone here has tried this incredible way of growing? Please share your creations and your successes.

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Yes, mine has water to it all the time.  No it is the only one, I am thinking about putting in another.

David Schwinghamer said:

I like your design, its a little different from mine. Are these beds running continuous? Are there multiple beds plumbed together? Im going to be building my first ibc tote wick bed and am thinking of trying your design. 

Bob Terrell said:

Been ibn my system now for about a year.  Keeps me in carrots and onions.  Works great!

Sand supports the soil, holds a good amount of water, and at the same time allows for good wicking. 

I built some with 1-1/2" fill pipes, but I like the large pipes because I can add water faster before the pipe over flows.  Sand has good drainage, but it still restricts the flow of water.  The large drain pipe in the bottom also helps the water to flow in more quickly.

Next time I will make channels or simply use Perilite.  Perlile is a lot more expensive, but I want good flow through under the soil.  I've been trying to think of some type of support barrier to use that could be supported on PVC or small pots. It would have to be able to keep the soil from working it's way down into the water reservoir.   I'm thinking to use something like perforated FRP and drain field cloth.

David Schwinghamer said:


Why do you put sand or lava at the bottom where the water goes? Is that so the water distributes on every inch of the bed? Why do you use such a large fill tube? I guess because that is the size pipe you use under the sand? Do you make your own holes or are they there when you buy the pipe for the water to drain out?

Here is the shot of my recent in ground wick bed, its comprised of a rain gutter with tubes filled with coir. They wick water up to the soil compost coir mix to feed the corn transplants.

Wicking beds rule

Malabar spinach that grows 12' tall, guess its time to build a trellis for the pole.

Squash growing rapid

My first Zucchini in one of my wick beds that the birds havent touched, horray!


My corn wick bed is doing well plus cucumber sprouts have started without me planting anything! Sure hope birds dont like corn because nothin has been touched yet.


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