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A question.

According to David Modeer the general manager of the Central Arizona Project (this system delivers about 1/2 of the water we use between Phoenix and Tucson), "We will probably go into (Colorado River Water) shortage in 2016." Because of the way the water laws are written, Phoenix will likely not be affected. However agriculture will. What is your opinion on what roll if any aquaponics can play in this matter?

Please click on this link to listen to the full story from KJZZ:

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This should be a wake up call to the aquaponics community. We probably waste less water then the home swimming pools, but we need to be conserving as best we can now. I would like to change over to a greenhouse system but the water I would conserve in my 1500 gallon system wouldn't amount to much.  

Every gallon helps my friend. A gallon here, a gallon there. After while we are talking real water.

Out of curiosity, just how much water would be saved by growing in a greenhouse here in the Phoenix area? 

I would think the cost of cooling the green house would be far more expensive than any water conversation.   I know that doesn't address the water issue, but greenhouses and the associated costs are issues to be considered.

Jim you hit on an excellent question. Power and water are related. It takes a lot of water to generate electricity. For example  there is a huge pipe that moves water directly from the 91st ave sewage treatment plant to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station for cooling. So its almost darned if you do, darned if you don't. 


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