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Found something interesting here that may be an option for heating water- maybe.

Everyone tried a differing methods to heat water, so worked better than others but we should learn what worked so we can all be covered for the next deep cold snap here in the desert. You can figure out if it's cheaper to operate than the method you used this winter.  Let us know...

magnetic heater design

magnetic heater update

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Wouldn't all of the copper be a problem?

This wouldn't be more efficient than a simple submerged nichrome wire coil. While it's pretty cool, spinning the motor saps energy and the motor gives off quite a bit of waste heat as well. With a submerged resistor, pretty close to 100% of your electricity gets converted to heat that gets transferred to the water.

Yes, copper might be an issue if you left it in the system all the time...

Thanks for your input Siggy. 

I am using 600 feet of 1/2" drip tubing that runs when the pump does, seems to be good for about 10 degrees on a sunny day.  I'm running about 72 degrees in an in-ground 600 gal pond today in Scottsdale with 75f currently and 82f degrees forecast ambient temp.  How does that stack up against your systems?

I think this is worth experimenting with.  It sorta reminds me of the Nu-Wave stoves.  I wonder if PVC tubing would work since the magnets might work on the water as well.  Either way it looks like a fun experiment.


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