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Some things have recently changed in my life and need to move onto other things in foreign lands. I need to get rid of all my aquaponic stuff including my 50 Tilapia. I have two 275 gallon shipping containers, a few food grade 55 gallon barrels, two grow beds, half barrel planters, air pumps, lights, many grow pots, etc... If someone wanted the whole lot I would give a great price.

Some of you have been to my grandmothers house in Clearwater Hills. Call me at 6025617069 to come see me stuff. 

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Am interested in possibly getting some of your Tilapia.  Are they blue Tilapia?  I live in the Prescott area and from what I can research the blue would do the best up here.  They will be in an area that can be kept in the 50-60 degree area during the winter.  Left a message on your phone, hope to hear from you......

Oh, David that sucks!  Sorry to hear you'll be leaving.  I'd be interested in maybe an IBC tote, maybe a grow bed or two.

Sorry to hear you're heading off to assumably greener pastures...  Maybe if you posted a photo of the whole system, it would help people decide?  Keep us posted on your transplantation!

Hey Dave, what if I give you an offer for all your stuff?


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