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I just joined your group and look forward to being active in the group. I am now retired and have decided my next career will be farmer. I live in Winslow and have experienced the heartbreak of watching almost everything I have planted die from exposure to our local environment My plan is to build a 30x 60 foot greenhouse for aquaponics. Would love to share ideas with members of your group. Construction is not going to start until this fall so lots of time to incorporate new ides.

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Welcome :)

I'm sorry you've had such a rough time with gardening!  Your local extension office can usually help a lot with overcoming the obstacles to gardening success.  Not sure which of these would be better for you:

That said, flexible greenhouses have been built and used by the Garden Pool organization.  Check them out for ideas:

I figure you will enjoy prowling around this site and soaking up info, but thought you might appreciate some external inputs as well!

Also, if you have any plans sketched up of your ideas, people can respond to your concepts in a more informed way.

Best of luck!


Thank you for the response.and thank you for the links. At least you didn't give the normal response "dud you live in a Desert,what did you expect?"
Sorry don't have any plans small enough to scan (all size "D")
Think I'll just troll for a while.
However, if anyone is farming red clays, I would love to see your facility.

Hey, people who build glass houses in Phoenix shouldn't throw stones at Winslow ;)

If you have a cell phone with a camera, you could snap a photo of your plans to post without the fuss of scanning them in... just a thought.  Happy trolling, Liz


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