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I'm re-posting and re-naming this thread since it fell off the list.

Nothing has changed.

We are still planning a Group Hug - invitation only AZ AP group members sequential visit. 

Ask and you will be invited!

On Cinco de Mayo (5/5/2013) our tour starts around 11 AM in Scottsdale with 2 systems, then out to Gilbert for a mature green house system, then over to Baseline and Central for two more systems.  Then north up I-17 to the  Loop101 to the "hoop house" system and back down to the north side of Camelhead via Sunny slope for two more systems and a BBQ at David's luxury digs.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

David & Jim 

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I live in a gated community off Tatum called Clearwater Hills, when you get to the gate just say you are here for the Cinco de Mayo party at the Schwinghamers.

You are all welcome to bring sodas, beer, chips, beans, lettuce, tomato, onion from your garden, potato, fruit, pasta salads, dessert

Hi Everybody!

The count down is on, did everyone receive directions that wanted them? 

Send me a message if not.

see you tomorrow at noon!



Did you get in touch with Daniel and Brian?

Jim sent me the directions. Thanks Sheri

Thanks to everyone for a great day.  I am very sorry we were not able to do the last part of the tour/BBQ since I had to get to work, but it was very informative to see some mature systems.   At least I know some more areas to research to hopefully get me going in the right direction.    

Thank you everyone for coming on the "Group Hug" tour!

I had a great day meeting new people and seeing new systems, we hope yo did too

Thanks Davy for hosting a great BBQ!

UP next - 4th of July!  any suggestions?

All the best,



Is the fourth of July celebration still going to happen in Cornville?

Thank you all for your presence and contributions! I wouldn't have the best group without all of you. Have you noticed that Sylvia Bernstein joined our great group?

@ David

I am hoping the Cornville event happens, but I thought I would ask the group for suggestions before we make plans.  That's what groups do! 

Hey Manfred!  Can you post some those great photos you took Sunday?


Sunday was a wonderful day! Thank you all for being there, whether showing or simply visiting. I think we all learned a lot about the flexibility of aquaponics and how creative we can be when we apply our own imaginations to our own environments. It's also reassuring to see how forgiving aquaponics is. When I think about all the "shoulds" that we don't do, yet our system is very happy, I know that best practices vary in every home environment.

Thank you, Jim, for coordinating the event. You did a lot of work and a great job!

Thank you, David, for hosting the relaxing BBQ that gave us time to talk over what we saw.

Thank you, Jim, Mike, Stephanie, Robert, and David for opening your homes. We saw everything from totes to ponds and from DWC to mixed media. There were highlights at every stop!

Some pics from the tour are posted above.  I really should have taken more.   Some pics did not come out also.

Nice Sunset, thanks for sharing!


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