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I'm re-posting and re-naming this thread since it fell off the list.

Nothing has changed.

We are still planning a Group Hug - invitation only AZ AP group members sequential visit. 

Ask and you will be invited!

On Cinco de Mayo (5/5/2013) our tour starts around 11 AM in Scottsdale with 2 systems, then out to Gilbert for a mature green house system, then over to Baseline and Central for two more systems.  Then north up I-17 to the  Loop101 to the "hoop house" system and back down to the north side of Camelhead via Sunny slope for two more systems and a BBQ at David's luxury digs.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

David & Jim 

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Nice BBQ machine!  Give her a hug for me!

@ Dr. Brooks

Sheri and Bob are still in, (Dr. Brooks) are the only drop out. 

I don't know why you think your home swimming pool system is not worthy. 

If you are going to be on the tour we could certainly spend a few minutes checking out your system. 

You don't have to mow the grass for me.

Dr. George, we weren't up to a full fledged community tour (even more so with my back), but we're still on the Hugs Tour.  

I agree with Jim, this doesn't have to be a polished event; this one's "just family."  :)   That said, sometimes things happen and we have to go with the flow. When the timing's right, it will happen, and you have to be the judge of that. In the meantime, we'll have something special to look forward to at a later date.

David, that's a sweet gift! You're a fortunate man!

The big date is coming up soon, do we have all things figured out? Sounds like the food is done, George Brooks well Im not sure, mapping is set, not sure about the driving part. I am now in South Carolina to see my oldest son graduate boot camp. I need to thank Jim Troyer for helping me with my fish and plants and mushrooms while Im gone, big help! Hope everything works as it should for this short time. Got me some more propane for the new grill, plenty of cold brewskies, chips and salsa, pinatas if you wish. Make sure ya'all bring your swimsuits cuz the water is gonna be great!

Tour is at an amazingly opportune time for me since I am brimming over with frustration at my newbie growing pains in this new aquaponics adventure.  I am tired of killing fish and my poor plants are miserable.  They remind me of the sad little christmas tree from the old snoopie christmas cartoon  (did I just date myself?)

Latest discovery is very acidic water that has killed my fish....again.

David and Jim

Do you know about what time the group will be at my place?

Regarding the BBQ I don''t know if my wife and I will be able to make the party but if we do what do we need to bring and what is the address?

@ Bob:

Since Dr. Brooks is unwilling to show his amazingly well thought out and productive system on the tour; I think we can move the start time up to noon instead of 11:00.  That said, your system is last on the list at 4:45, just before David's at 5:45.  The schedule is on page one of this thread.

If you want to bring something make it picnic type food: chips, salsa, baked beans, pasta salad, soda, beer, wine, etc. 

David wanted to do the burgers, so he'll probably do the buns, lettuce, onions, tomato slices that sort of thing. 

Sheri is bringing 6 pounds ground beef (thank you very much). 

I'm bringing the potato salad. 

I'll send you the times, addresses along with a route for everyone to follow next week. 

David is about 10 minutes from your house just north of Lincoln and Tatum

i cant wait it sounds like a lot of fun 

Do we have an estimated head count?

Sunset, aquaponics is an amazingly fulfilling adventure with a steep learning curve and a true teacher of patience and perseverance!  What is the PH of your system? I know the matured systems tend to drop into the 6's, but I haven't heard of anyone being so acidic that they've lost fish. What kind of fish are you using?

Cinco de Mayo Tour people’s list                                                                   4-29-13



Jim Troyer

Matt Maskinnis

Bob and Sheri Schmeckpeper

Stephanie B. and her partner

Dr. George Brooks

John Malone

Robert Rowe

David Schwinghamer

Paul and Barbi Holdeman

Sunset and one guest

Manfred Steibli and his wife Mary

Jeb Calen

Chris George

Scott Bloom and father

Daniel and Lusl Budfuloski

Tom and Paula Ryan



Total 25

There are a couple more I didn't forward to David since he was out of town.  I will have to go through all the emails to figure it out.  I'll let you know soon.

Lookin' good!

I need a fish count for anyone wanting to buy fry on Sunday.  $1 each; I have to reserve 70 of this batch.


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