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I will be doing an aquaponics demonstration at this event using two barrels. I was just going to put a few big tilapia in a barrel and have water pumped up to a half barrel raft bed with for continuous flow. It needs to be fairly simple but does anyone have a better idea and/or does anyone want to help with this project?

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How about a single barrel system,

Put a smaller access hole on each side and cut a large hole in the front and apply a piece of polycarbonate, as a window.

Use pumice or clay balls as the media and a mini bell siphon.  Could be built for less than $75 depending on what needs to be bought.  Should only take an afternoon to make.

Blue barrel $12

Harbour freight pond pump $10

pumice from Baker's $33

pvc parts $10(?)

total $65

Thanks Scott, I am going to do something similar  I have an open ended blue barrel to put fish into with an underwater light. Using a white barrel cut in half will be the raft bed. Finally a pipe will flow water back into the fish tank.

You may wish to submit a large photo of your systems so Dave can have it on display.


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