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Greetings my friends. If you have ever wondered why my focus on aquaponics is a little intense, the following article goes a long way to explain. As you read this, remember the United States imports at least 85% of its seafood. This is why our work in Aquaponics is critical and more than a hobby. (IMHO)

From Bloomberg: 

Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

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Oh, my! I do have to wonder why, if this is the norm, we don't see a lot more major outbreaks of illnesses. But this is a prime example as to why we need to support local food sources!.It's the only way we can know how our food is treated.

I also think we set ourselves up for problems. We live in a germaphobic society that encourages us to oversanitize everything, so our bodies aren't given the opportunity to build resistance to things. Combine that with food that is not monitored and we could see big problems in the future, especially since we're so dependent on other countries for our food.


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