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I have multiple tanks in an AP System. One of the tanks with no fish and lots of sun has had an Algae bloom.

I isolated it from the system, while I regroup.

My system chemistry

2013-03-02 PH-7.4 NH-0.25 NO2-0 NO3-0

I am thinking, that when I move my Tilapia to the Algae laden tank, they will consume the Algae and my Nitrates will rise.

Am I on the right track?

In retrospect, It may have been a dumb question to many, Gravity was once a mystery.

2013-03-11 A few days older and wiser. I am now feeding my worms Green Algae, they like it better than Avacados. My Tilapia also are eating Green Algae Dailey.


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Hi, Bob. I'll answer here about your aquarium, and then I'll call you. This is what works for us:

At .05 you're nearing a bad place with the ammonia, though tilapia can handle it better than many fish.  I'd change the water, but not 2/3. I'd go for 1/4 to 1/3, depending on the looks of the water and how the fish are behaving. Then I'd watch it for a day or two and do another change as needed. If it were over 1.0 I would do 1/2 and then possibly do the same the next day. I rarely change more than half at a time.

In our aquariums we do water changes every week or two, depending on the fish population. Any more we watch the fish behavior and water color mostly, and only test randomly. Usually the water will turn yellow first, then the fish get more lethargic and the breeders don't interact much. Then they eat less, and eventually hang near the top of the tank. We do 25% changes as soon as the water turns yellow-ish.

High ammonia causes fish stress, but so do water changes, even when it provides them with better water. So more frequent small water changes are better for them than less frequent larger changes.

Hope this makes sense!

Just a note, ammonia toxicity increases with pH. An ammonia concentration that is toxic at a pH of 8 may not be at a pH of 6.8. There are charts available on google.

This page might be helpful.

P.S. (Temp in C x 1.8) + 32 = Temp F

Robert Rowe says: Thank you very much. The page puts in perspective.

Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr. said:

This page might be helpful.

P.S. (Temp in C x 1.8) + 32 = Temp F

You are welcome 

I must do Facebook too much. I keep wanting to "like" posts. :)  Great link...Ecofilms has so good stuff.

I agree, likes (and dislikes) would be an improvement Sheri  


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