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A milestone in knowledge. Today we celebrate the 1,000 download of this 2001 article that outlines the groundbreaking O'odham Oidak fish, prawn and vegetable farm on the Gila River Indian Community just south of Phoenix Arizona. The premiss of the project was to use integrated aquaculture/agriculture (a precursor of Arizona aquaponics) to change a communities food direction, rehabilitate incarcerated youth and create a new Science, Technology, Energy and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) educated generation.

The project worked. Not only did it grow a lot of fish, shrimp and veggies, it grew really smart kids with some winning at international science fairs, presenting at scientific conferences and winning scholarships to universities. Congratulations to Ed Mendoza and Joyce Baldwin the minds behind what happened.

To read the article, click the following link. Enjoy:

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Speaking of shrimp, has anyone tried or successfully raised shrimp in their AP system?


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