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Well everyone is excited to show off their systems again this Spring!

So far I have 3 confirmed systems to show this yer. 

Stephanie (South Mt), Matt (central Scottsdale) and Kim (Ahwatukee) so far have stepped up.  I think Sheri is willing again this year.  It would be nice to show some new systems as well so let me now if you can join in the fun.

We still need to decide if we are going to show the world our backyards or are we going to do a group event again this year.  Please post your thoughts here, thanks.


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I wish there was a way to know if there was interest in the outside world, I would say whatever has the bigger interest but how would we know? And are you not showing your system this year Jim?

I know a lot of people would LOVE to see backyard aquaponics, but also know from experience being on the Tour de Coops that it is a lot more work when you open these tours up to the whole community… In one weekend we had well over 600 people come through our place and that is exhausting.  Maybe just keep it small and work up to a bigger more inclusive invitation?  A good compromise might be to recruit a photographer to go with on the tour and post good photos of each place with descriptions of the systems here for the world to see without a huge group going through your backyard?  Or maybe send an invitation to specific groups, like the Greater Phoenix Pond Society to join in.  Also the issue with a big tour is that then the owners don't get to go see other people's setups, you get stuck in one place, with a small group everyone can go together and see everything.  I don't know, there are a lot of issues to consider.

I could be a stop on a tour, but my system is tiny and in our dining room…  :)

I'll take that as a yes, you'll show your system, Thanks Liz and Dan!

Yes! I would love to be a part...hopefully date & time work out! Last year it conflicted with our neighborhood spring party,which we host,on the Saturday closest to cinco de mayo.

 @ Matt:

There is a huge interest in the outside world.  I have lots of interest in my fish and most of those people never show up here on the chat.  As far as promoting a public tour; I'm sure MCC and ASU would be happy to promote a tour because of their sustainability programs.  We have never rubbed shoulders with the pond people, tour de coops and the local permaculture folks either.  I'm sure a Craig's list and Back Page ad would fill your backyard all day without any problem.

It looks like the second or third weekend in May would be the best fit, would you guys comment on that please, thanks

Regarding showing my system, no I'm not sure I'll be available in May.  I'm behind on my big expansion program at this point so I'm going to be ready more like September or October for another tour by then or then again, maybe next spring (lol) as I'm pretty snowed under right now.  I do know of some pretty large systems going in right now, so fall may be a good opportunity to have a second tour. 

Talk soon everybody.

Those two weekends will work for us.
The amount of work it takes to plan a tour like the Tour de Coops is staggering! I have been involved with the TdC since the first one in 2009. There is a committee of 8-12 people working for months (literally they are already meeting for the tour in November) plus the backing of full time staff from the VPA involved. The Real Gardens for Real People tour is the same, with teams of people that form for each stop on the tour to help with garden prep. I am not saying we shouldn't aspire to reach that amount of people, maybe just start planning or brainstorming for an event next year...or better, partner with an existing tour to highlight aquaponics and see how that experience goes. These tours can raise some money if tickets are sold and attract sponsors, so we would want to probably meet and discuss what the purpose of the tour is and if money raised would go to a school garden or something to help with an aquaponics installation. I'm sure Dr Brooks would have some great ideas about that.

Well, I think May has left the building. :)  How about arranging a tour in the fall after the heat?

I've gone to a couple of the urban farm tours, and the neat thing about that is that everyone just goes to one persons house to see what they've done for an hour or two in the morning. Maybe something like that would work better for us and then we could open more of it up to the public instead of trying to coordinate something like tour de coups?

Sorry folks, I got too busy to work on  the tour.  Fall fits my timeline much better. 

Steph: do the UFT only have one stop each weekend?

Fall is better timing for us too, plus better weather.  :)

They do one stop every other weekend or as people volunteer to show off their houses.

Fall is fine


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