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I search for this answer and couldn't find anything, so I figured I may as well start a new discusssion...

How do you guys set up the electrical for your outdoor systems?  We had a rainstorm this weekend so it got me thinking about how to protect the electrical bits (electrical cords/plugs, the aerator, the pump if not a submersible type, etc).  I was hoping to see pictures of some of your setups.

Also, the power outage we had made me realize that I need some sort of battery backup to keep the fish alive during an outage.  How do you incorporate a redundant power supply with an outdoor system? 

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I just use GFI circuits.  My back up system.  35 KW Kohler with automatic on/off.  Runs on propane.  Also available on diesel.  This set runs my 7000 sq. ft. home and out buildings inc. my fish grow house.




I bought some of those things that people use for outdoor Xmas decorations and they work very well. They protect the connections. 


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