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Hey Folks! I'm starting to hash out the plans for a hobby system in which space is a bit limited. I saw the zip grow towers and thought they were intriguing. Has anyone tried them? If so, what do you think? And how do you catch the discharge water at the bottom?

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Again, good marketing and assimilation have prevailed. The design flaws have been pointed out for a year now on YouTube and various other aquaponics related web forums...I'll give you the easiest one that doesn't involve any scientific detail...Square objects only reflect light evenly all day long if the world was square. The rest of the flaws, well, let go of your cognitive dissonance and seek the information if it's really that important to you.

Maybe that's the reason for the titanium oxide paint. Also, if you are going to grow to sell, growing on all sides of a single tower would either necessitate 360 degrees of lighting, or 270 degrees of substandard or unsaleable product on your tower.

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