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   I have a 100 gal pond with two halves of a 55 gal drum for grow beds.  I am using a bell syphon in them. One side will only fill then dribble the water out unless I have it set for 10 minutes cycling. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like you don't have enough water volume going into your beds, Ken.  Are your water inlets valved?  If so, open up the one going into that bed.  If not, you may need to get a more powerful pump.

I have valves, the problem is not the flow from the pump.  The problem is, I can't get it to cycle for any longer than 10 minutes.  If I try to lengthen the time from 10 min. the system will not drain, it just dribbles from the bottom drain as if I didn't have a bell valve.  The only way I can get it to fully cycle is on a 10 min cycle.  I want to make it 15 to 20 min. Any suggestions?

How big is the standpipe the water is draining out of?  Maybe a bigger pipe will help the bell siphon fire with less water?  

Also....we have add a 'T' fitting to the bottom of our drain pipes instead of a 90 degree fitting and capped one of the ends so the water falls past the bend and then goes out to the fish tank.  Seems to also make the bell siphon fire better even on a small amount of water filling the bed.  

Hi Ken,

Try a small reducing sleeve/bushing/reducer at the bottom or the top or both, of the  bell drain pipe. Pressed fit is best to allow for eventual cleaning. With a reducer the siphon activates with lower flowrates and slows draining time as well.

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