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Wicking Beds, a practical way to combine Aquaponics and gardening.

Hi Friends,

Here are three articles from the Earthan Group in Australia, on their use and design of wicking beds for a practical approach to a garden.  They have several medium to large systems up and running with great success.

I have read some comments on this forum that cast reservations on such a system.  While I don't have, as yet, first-hand knowledge on the success of such a system, I am the process of setting up my own system as I write this.  I will get back to You with a report.

My Wish for You,,,  A Fantastic Spring!!  Paul.

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Great info - thanks for posting it.

My wife is a dirt dobber. I prefer standard aquaponics. I just built her a garden yesterday that she plants seedlings in that I grow. Kinda includes her in what I do. I've heard of wicking beds before but in their standard form they don't fall into my aquaponics theme. These earthan beds however have my interest. I might just build one for the wife to play in. I love the way all this information gets to us. New projects every week.

Hi Jeff,

Here is a Youtube link to a guy that builds homemade Earthboxes, which are nothing more than wicking boxes.

I have built similar boxes, except I use the heavier 24 gallon black(bottom), and Yellow(top) boxes You see at Lowes, Home Depot and Cosco.  These are bigger and deeper than the Earthbox. .

Instead of adding the water fill tube on the inside, I have plumbed it on the outside, with a drain bulkhead, (I use plastic electrical conduit fittings for bulkheads, they have strait threads.), located on the other end.  My plan is to fill through the fill tube and attach the drain into a gravety feed to my sump tank, curculating water through each box, allowing the plants to wick nutrients and water from the fish water passing through the box.

I use the planting guide furnished by Earthbox.  I don't use the fertilizer strip, but I do use the dolomite lime, with a mixture of charcoal, worm castings and a shake of rock dust.  My main soil is Cocnut Coir I purchase from a local hydroponic supply.  If You do use Coir, be wary of the material You can buy cheaper on Amazon, depending upon it's source, it can have a lot of salt.

I wll furnish pictures in a couple of weeks.


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