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Look guys, please asking for pics. Every time you ask, my heart fragments a little more. Two minor tragedies wiped out all records of my existence so to speak, both related to water...hehe

Listen to what I say or not, that is up to you. I'm not here to tout or brag. I'm simply here to talk to fellow spirits about what I love. Being stuck out here; this web site is like a breath of fresh air. I hope you enjoy some of my psychobabble.



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Then make drawings for cryin' out loud!!!!

We believe you, but what you describe is so intricate that it is difficult to picture it in our minds my friend........

I think there is paper and a pencil in your future!  With one big-arse eraser! ;-)


PS - definitely enjoy the psychobabble.  Big fan of that!

Cheers all...i'd better find that pad....hmmm, I think I left it in the toilet. . .now to find a handy dandy worries, your wish is my command so I promise I'll tr to get something to you all.

I do most my diagrams with paintbrush on the computer.  Not exciting and very blocky but they seem to work.


Sigh, sad to hear about the tragic losses of your media as what you describe sounds so exciting we all wish to see it.


anyway, so do you have a digital camera now so you will be able to post future pictures?

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