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Hello. Searched for an answer with no luck.  Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but here goes.

My new system has been cycling about 3 weeks or so and now im seeing white growth on my expanded clay.  Does this mean I need a little more media in the GB, or something else?  It seems to only be growing on the clay not the earthrock...  heres a pic thanks for the help anyone!

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crap.. not earthrock...its called growstone sorry

This is pretty normal. It is some sort of salt deposit. I would bet that if you taste it will taste salty. Not to be worried about unless it continues to increase. Is that the recycled glass product? How do you like it?

Thanks Jonathan. 

Yes the growstone is 98% recycled glass.  I like it so far.  I didnt do any research when I bought it but after checking out their website I will skip the hydroton in the future, assuming it works out for my small test system.  Supposed to hold 3 times more water and 12% more air than expanded clay pellets. 

The only difficulty I've encountered with Growstones is they are extremely light and tend to float; otherwise they work great.  However, I've only used them in a hydroponic setting.

Yeah, that's pretty typical; I've got it too. Don't think it causes any problems.

Thanks for the answer. I noticed for the first time today a white substance on top of my hydroton. Our system has been cycling 3 weeks now
Very typical. Mineral, calcium and sodium deposits. Nothing to be concerned with.

Ah! good to know! I came back from vacation and noticed I had some too. I figured it was the same you mentioned. I have well water that is high in calcium.

John Cubit said:

Very typical. Mineral, calcium and sodium deposits. Nothing to be concerned with.

Is your water coming up to the top of your GBM?  The water level should be maintained about 2" below the top of your media to minimize evaporation and deposits on your media.  if you are filling from the top you should extend your fill pipe into your media and possible use  a larger pvc pipe with holes in it to hold media away from inlet pipe.

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