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I don't like messing around with DIY electrical stuff.
What I'm looking for is a storebought heater with thermostat that I can put in my 100 gallon rubbermaid tank without melting it.

Is there one commercially made that fits my needs?

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Wow, yes- very helpful. I think I may just stick with a de-icer for now. I can keep the pump running and start cycling then add a couple large fish. Ill wait for warmer temps before ordering fry.

Has anyone used light bulbs for this purpose? My fish tank is a 300 gallon hot tub. I have used the glass aquarium heaters but they only keep the temps in the 60s (I live in the FL Keys so our temperatures rarely get below 55). However, the aquarium heaters use a lot of energy. Right now I have two 400W ones and am not pleased with the results. I am not a DYI type person. Maybe Rob will make one up for me and I can pay him to do so...

Yes, they do seem to use a lot of energy.

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