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  Hi we're new to this but decided to begin with the fish.

Where do we buy fish here in N.Florida?

What are the best kind of fish for this climate?

PS.we don't want hybrids and we want fish we can eat. Thanks ,marie



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Florida Fish Farms, Center Hill Fl.  

352 793 4224

Catfish, native bluegill 

I don't know of anything closer

 Thanks George,will call them Monday.

Shangaloo Hatchery just north of Waldo

352-468-1251   they have a number of species of fish

and native crayfish.

Good to know about Waldo.  Thanks.

Where's Waldo?

[sorry--couldn't help it...]

Speed down US 301S - you'll find it, along with a couple of other tax on speeders type places.

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