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Hello everyone, I lost my supplier of fish feed. Can someone tell me how I can get fish food for tilapia? Hopefully I can order it online and have it shipped to California . I am desperate. Today, I toasted bread and crumbled it and threw it in the tank. I have 15 medium size tilapia and the plan was to go to 50.
Thank you so much

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George said:

Shop tab at top of page

Scretting ships

I found game fish food at a great price at a local small feed store. 

I order mine  from Rangen had to call but they shipped it to my house. 

A local feed store ordered Purina Aquamax 4000 for me and I picked it up at the store.  It was $30 for 50 pounds, which was less than half the cost of buying and shipping the product I used before.  Tilapia seem to like it.

That's the way to go. I never knew my feed store existed and it was just down the road from me.

Tilapia food here,

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