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What date and time (Mountain Time zone) do you think the 2000th member will join?  As of now - 7/1/2011, at 1:00 MDT - we have 1970 members. New folks tend to join at a rate of 5 - 8 a day.


The member who comes the closest will get a free, signed version of my upcoming book, Aquaponic Gardening, when it comes out in late September.


Voting ends at noon on July 4 at noon MDT, or when that 2000th member joins, whichever comes first.  Enter your vote today!  Only one vote per person, so make it count!


(Oh, and I've taken the Members tab off the header so you can't just guess at the last minute...sneaky, huh?)

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The good guys always seem to win! Will the not so good guys ever get a chance? heheheh. Good going Green Acres!!!!
Thanks guys!  Lucky guess with a little bit of math tossed in there and it worked!  The big congrats goes to Sylvia.  It seems like just yesterday when we were celebrating hitting 1000.  Our community is growing up!  Welcome Gunner, thanks for being the big 2k!
When do we start on the 3,000 member.....

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