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My 9 year old son is showing an interest in my aquaponic setup so I'd like to set up a single barrel unit for him to claim as his own.  What size pump do you guys think I would need for the unit pictured below. (The picture belongs to Mike C.. Thanks for the idea Mike)  As always, your input is valued.

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I have a 475gph statuary filterless pump from Tetra, it is good up to 5ft verticle, claims 7 but was pretty weak unless you reduce the feed line to 1/2".  The run about $40-$50

I use a Lifeguard Products, Quite One pump which has pumped some 8500 hours with off and on phases in the 52,000 range during that period.  No problems.  Pump curves showing volume at various heights are available for these pumps.  You could consider selecting selecting  a pump  with capacity a bit in excess of your needs so that you can divert some water for extra aeration, or not.  Quiet One pumps are very economical to operate with respect to power draw. 

Also, Eco 264 sounds about right.

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