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Wanting blue Tilapia fingerling's and red claw crayfish

Hi I live in Piedmont Alabama, close to the Georgia line. I am looking for Blue Tilapia fingerling's close so that I can avoid a $85 shipping charge!! I'm looking for about 50-100, for my aquaponics system. And am also looking for some red claw crayfish if anyone has any for sale please email me at puma_ I check my email as soon as it comes so I will get back with you within 30 mins unless its after 9pm. I am despertly seeking some please reply if you would want to part with any!!! Thanks Skyler

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Just remember, you only have to buy Tilapia once. Take out a male and a couple females, put them in another tank and you'll have more Tilapia than you need. Makes that 85.00 disappear fairly soon

Yes I understand, but my wife doesn't want me to spend anymore on aquaponics, so the less the better.

Hi Skyler.  Not sure where you are getting that $85 figure from, but ours cost $49 to ship so that might be an option as well -

Thanks haven't seen your website, the $85only has came from many other places, one is from Texas, flordia, and Ohio I think then add $10freon for the container but I will deffinetly check out your site.
Now I see shipping is half but you only get 15a fingerlings vs 50 for the same price

That is the set shipping cost for 15 up to 100 fish, Skyler.  That number of fish can all fit in the same size box, and the cost to us is the shipping, the box, and all the other materials and labor that go into preparing and sending live animals.  We make zero money on shipping for all of our products, this included!  Just our policy.

I know about shipping charges and that you don't make money on it, that's a why I want a local person who has some, no shipping charges. Also I was comparing you fish with others, you have half price on shipping but you fish are twice to cripple as high as I have seen with many others who are guaranteed genetic strand of tilapia...................

We also guarantee the genetic strain, Skyler, but I understand your desire to find a local supplier.  Best of luck to you.

Ok so I found some Nile Tilapia that is only 8 miles from me the a hatchery has they sell them at about a half pound weight and $5.50 a pound, now if I had some red claw...

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