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Hello all,  I am very new to this and am planning on making a 3ft vertical system made with PVC, with a 31 gal. tank.  From what i have researched expanded clay pellets would be the best grow media, I am trying to find a suitable water pump.  I am hoping for any and all suggestions.  I am limited on space and have a weight limit because I am on the 3rd floor of an apartment building  and am planning to put my system on a porch that is 4.5 by 9 ft.  I appreciate the feedback.

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Welcome Steve, when buying a water pump don't cheap out and make sure it can pump the water high enough for your vertical system. Oversized is infinitely but than undersized.

Check out Bright Agrotech. They sell a 3' and 5' tower with mesh media. Lighter and easy to work with. They have tons of info and videos. Keep it simple.

Thank you, I greatly appreciate the feedback!

Check You Tube for Larry Athey Vertical Grow Tower. You will find a  Bright Agritech knock off that is much cheaper than the zip grow towers. If you can afford it go with the Zip Grow towers fro Bright Agritech..

what are you trying to do. just have food area. or are you growing for hobby.

I am a biology professor at a community college. Our science club has been experimenting with aquaponics. I have eaten cucumbers, kale, chard, peppers, and collards from this small system. (under member systems see small system with $)

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