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Hi there all


I am currently working on a design of a very small self watering garden, and want to find an effecient way to switch a small pump on and off.  Even the 15 minutes of mechanical timers is too long, and the cost of a fancy programmable jobby is not going to make the unit sensible in terms of sales potential.  I need to fill a small overhead water canister that will then drain to the planters a few times a day.  I have been looking at these little vertical level switches as an option




I can get them in South Africa too, but have never used one before.  Are they reliable?  What are the do's and don'ts (eg particles in water) that I need to know about as the specs on the online shops are sketchy.

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Thanks all for the wonderful options coming through.  I recently (only a few days ago) started talking to a local engineering firm about help on some of the kits I want to produce and I'm sure they will be able to look at the options put forward here and help me get it right!


Thanks again to all that responded.

Hello there!
All this is the DIY. A good regulator water level with safety is not always easy to find. This appliance hangs on an electric pump to turn it off automatically.  These are equipped with new electronic control system very efficient checking the entire system. I wanted to realize a water level sensor for my pool. The goal is to automatically trigger a valve to add water if needed. I found a kit that seems to meet this need
Good luck!

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