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With Sylvia's permission, I'm starting a discussion topic about equipment for sale. Many times this may only be applicable for local pickup but you never know what your neighbor may have that you need.

I have:
1. 150 gallon rubbermaid stock tank. Perfect condition. has only been used inside for a fish tank.

2. 300 gallon rubbermaid stock tank. Perfect condition. has only been used inside for a fish tank.

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Do you have any fish? I am in Inverness and may be interested in the tanks. Can you send me the dimensions?
Awh, Joyce is really nice, they came to visit me here once. I had thought she was doing better. She hasn't posted over on BYAP in a very long time though.

But, we have so many new Florida APers that I think things should go quick.

I would help take things too but no time this week nor a truck to haul stuff so hopefully some one who actually does need stuff right away can get it. I would be struggling to find space here at the moment.
Sorry to hear about Joyce, even though I never had the pleasure.....

I did check out the ad ( thanks Jon). I'd love to get her system....I have a truck, the time and the space, just lacking the extra cash....:-(
Yes, it's still available and first come first served :) Call me and we can arrange a pickup time. 407-678-8833 407-766-4247

christopher john muns said:
hello mark, i'm interested in the 300 gal. fish tank. thats the next purchase actually for my system, i priced them at tractor feed and there $210.00 new. i would be willing to drive to come and get it from you. waitt maybe i better map quest it. i'm in zephyrhills, fl. not sure how far that is to oviedo.well it's not like i have a job anymore ,so i have the time to come over. just hope i can make it till the next unemployment check comes around. man this country is goin to crap. anyway let me know if it's still available. thanks, if you want to call, i'll be around, 813-355-4941. chris.
I also have a 20' x 24' greenhouse. it's covered in plastic, has a door at one end and removal screened panels at the other. it is a hoop style building and comes apart in 10' sections. I listed it on craigslist for $600 and so far only one person has shown interest. Make me an offer! You must disassemble and remove.
Well, I got a chance to meet Mark the other day.Was worth the trip just to meet him... :-) That and getting a chance to see his set up, even though it's not operational now. Very nice.
I was only able to get 'some' of his rock and I bought the 150 gal rubbermaid. Chris, that big 'ol 300 gal is sitting there waiting for Really nice green house for someone, too.
I started out with a few plastic 55 gal drums. Sometimes less is more...

christopher john muns said:
i would have loved to come and get the tank, it's just a little bit more of a drive than i feel like taking. about a 4 hr round trip from zephyrhills. i'm gonna start out with a 35 gal. tank for now. use what you have already right? i've been out of work for a while now. it just doesn't make any since at this point in time to spend a lot on this project to make it perfect. i'll have to make improvements as i go along.budget dictates that. i want it to be the perfect setup, but i'll have to settle for scrounged parts,hand me downs, and just whatever i can get my hands on. it just goes to show why aquaponics are so important now and why i'm going to spend the rest of my days spreading the word, and helping others learn about ap. it is the way were gonna be feeding our families and neighbors.

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