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We're about to start building our system over the next week or so. We would like to sell our extra produce and fish to the public and restaurants do we need USDA approval or anything like that?

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Seriously, that is the first pic I have ever noticed loading from the bottom up. Looks good.

In Cali, there is no certification needed for selling produce, unless the vendor requests it. Most major grocery stores do require some hoops to jump through. Fish, on the other hand, is controlled by DFG and not USDA, and any fish sold for human consumption requires an aquaculture permit, and that is no easy task. My local JC took a year to get a permit for catfish, inside a locked greenhouse, at the top of a hill. Go figure. 

Well the Wildlife officer called Tues and said he would be doing an on site inspection on Wens. and that he wanted my fish tanks covered and the beds in place but the plumbing did not have to be installed yet. So I busted my tail into the night working to get it done. He showed up on time and said looks good asked what happens with the fish waste and then told me that there is really no enforcement for having tilapia without a permit it was just more for registration purposes. (thats great to know) He did let me know that I can get a big fine for selling live tilapia so if they go to market they MUST be on ice. He called the Aquaculture Agriculture guy while he was here and said system was good to go and that I should have my permit in hand in the next two weeks but I can go ahead and operate and own fish. Good thing our permits are free here but I would rather be on the up and up because when I sell to our restaurant I don't want them to fail a health inspection or anything.

Hope to be up and running by this weekend storm today didn't allow me to wrap the greenhouse or frame in door


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