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am enjoying the general rules of thumb out there on aquaponics for 3 years

and decided it's time to try and understand more so i can experiment myself for a change

after digging in a lot i cant seem to find more then rules of thumbs on most things

so am thinking to concentrate relevant data on the chemical's

first of all list plant nutriant's TY wikipedia ...

then list the ways to measure/estimate the mass of these chemicals in all the shapes and forms in the system

list the forms of witch these chemicals available to plants

and the forms and concentrations of which they can be toxic

list the possible chemical/biological process that can create them

to better understand and estimate which conditions will make a better system

is there any material out there that take this approach over rules of thumb and statistical data ?

obviously this is a huge task anyone else interested to join the adventure ?

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That is quite an undertaking, Nimrod!  But a worthy one indeed.  I highly recommend Dr. Howard Resh's book "Hydroponic Food Production" as an excellent resource.  It is widely considered the bible of hydroponics and addresses many of the questions you are asking here.

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