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Hello everyone. I am looking for a little advice from any experienced aquapons. I am going to pick up my Bluegill fingerlings on Saturday. What would be the best way to transport them without having too many casualties?  I am picking up about 60 fingerlings and the trip will be about 15 miles. Anything that I should be watching for?

Also, what's the best method to introduce them to the new fish tank?

As always, I value all opinions.  Thanks.

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a 15 mile trip should be no problem...

most sellers will bag the fish with oxygen, i've seen them charge anything from 1.00 to 3.00 per bag, with 60, i'd ask for 3 bags, if they don't bag, get a couple coolers, and a small air pump to put a stone in each cooler for the ride home.. they'll be fine

Is there a recommended DC air pump for transport? 

you can get a inverter to plug into your 12 v dc of your car i also use mine for laptops when traveling.

Mark Hall said:

Is there a recommended DC air pump for transport? 

Good idea

I bought an air pump at Academy Sporting goods. It works off batteries or the car dc plug. Turned out when I got to the fish supplier, the fish were put in oxygen filled bags and my pump was left unused. And the trip home was a couple hours drive.

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