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What's up with that?

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I've tried to "enlighten" him in my last post (above) Chip...

Nice Rupert, thanks to you something of some use to others may come of this seemingly pointless (yet strangely fascinating) thread...

@Chip You may be right (about B.)... Though your definitely right about the last 2 bits, this guy's like Mcmurty's (sp. intentional) poster child on bad acid? Who knows? I don't much care at this point. Kinda wish this guy would do his own part to 'help save the planet', and 'exit-stage-left, so to speak...

He's taught me a valuable lesson though - TURN OFF THE "EMAIL ME" FUNCTION

Been trying to sleep and the darn Blackberry keeps honking at me.



The facts are already in evidence, nuff said.

And for the record, I will be 59 this week.  I have been down a very long road of hard knocks.  Mark is one of my very best friends, but it's doubtful we could stand each others presence in the same room person to person for more than 5 minutes, yet we have spent just about every evening in each others living rooms for many years.  I know Mark well.  I have never felt more sorry for anyone in my entire life than I do for him.  Mark is a paradox in and of himself and doesn't even know it.

All Mark wants in his remaining time left here, is to be left alone.  He is very close now to excepting defeat, and when he does, he will die.

Shame on you Indeed, for bearing false witness.

Chip Pilkington said:

It's definitely not Bevan. This is a youngster - you can hear it in his emotional over-reactions to everything. This puppy love/hero worship thing he has going speaks to his youth as well. Bevan is looking to cash in on McMurtry's work by association. This clown thinks the sun rises and sets out of the crack of McMurtry's you-know-what.

Loser and a Troll pretty much covers it.

One other thing.  Indeed, Mark has bailed me out and saved my ass more times than I can count on my fingers and toes.  He is hard wired and experienced at finding solutions, and has been most useful and helpful without asking any other thing than maybe a little respect.

Chip, you're an asshole.  Stay the hell away from me eh!


Sorry...  I left out a couple..

Lewis in 1978...

"Lewis, William M., et al. 1978. Use of hydroponics to maintain quality of recirculated water in a fish culturesystem. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. Vol. 107, No. 1. p. 92.99"

"Lewis, W.M., J.H. Yopp, A.M. Brandenburg, and K.D. Schnoor. 1981. On the maintenance of water quality for closed fish production systems by means of hydroponically grown vegetable crops. p. 121.130. In: K. Tiews and H. Heenemann (ed.) Aquaculture in Heated Effluents and Recirculation Systems. Volume 1. Berlin, Germany."


And Bender in 1984..

"Bender, J. 1984. An integrated system of aquaculture, vegetable production and solar heating in an urban environment. Aquacultural Engineering. Vol. 3. p.141.152."


Then there were various members of the New Alchemists.. in  1981 -1986... including Zweig..

"Baum, Carl. 1981. Gardening in fertile waters. NewAlchemy Quarterly. Summer. p. 2-8."


"McLarney, Bill. 1983. Integration of aquaculture and agriculture, in the Northern United States. NewAlchemy Quarterly. No. 11. (Spring). p. 7.14."


"Sardinsky, Robert. 1985. Water farms: Integrated hydroponics in Maine. New Alchemy Quarterly. Spring. p. 13.14."


"Zweig, Ronald D. 1986. An integrated fish culture hydroponic vegetable production system. Aquaculture Magazine. Vol. 12, No. 3. (May.June). p. 34, 36.40."


And Burgoon & Baum in 1984...

"Burgoon, P.S., and C. Baum. 1984. Year round fish and vegetable production in a passive solar greenhouse. International Society for Soilless Culture (ISOSC) Proceedings. p. 151.171."


All before McMurtry.... need I go on... I could...


I'm not knocking McMurtry's work... it was/is important... but put it into context... as building upon that of others...


Just as others have built upon his work...

I stand corrected. Shame on me.

I'm neither a pioneer or an expert in AP. Apparently not up to Freud's analytical expertice yet either.

It's unfortunate if this fellow McMurtry truly is in a poor state, but neverfear, you have done nothing to honor him in this ridiculous, but strangely fascinating (I'm with you on this Vlad) thread. A 59 year old should carry himself better, don't you think?

I too, am saddened to hear of his poor health...


And perhaps that and the close relationship between McMurtry and the poster.. has lead to this outpouring...

Everyone has an agenda, and everyone's opinions are biased based on our very own attitudes morals and beliefs.

None of your opinions mean a thing to me, I could care less.  And as far as your work stands, you steal, and then you tell lies.

That last sentence reminds me quite a bit of a personality on another Forum ....

Neverfear.. I hope you go on to continue McMurtry's ideas and work...

Perhaps you could build some systems based on his ideas and works... and share them with us...

What better way to honour the man..

I just discovered this thread as well.  I'm quite uncomfortable with the tone, language and mean-spirited nature of this thread and am on the verge of just deleting it all together.  This kind of crap may be ok on some of the other forums out there, but not this one.  Please interact with each other in a way that is respectful...or you will be asked to leave.  Play nice.



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