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 Hello everyone, brand now to the forum. Did not realize there was all this information and resources available.

  I am including a few pics of my tomato plant. It just is not looking healthy, and does not yield allot of tomatoes. I have a indoor system with LED grow lights on timers. Winter temps are 60 to 75 degrees. PH is always 6.8ish. Only thing is nitrates are always 130 plus, not sure if that’s O.K. I have added iron chelate here and there, but not regularly.

 The grow like crazy, just do not flower much.

 Anyone ever see tomatoes look like this, any ideas to give them some love? 

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My tomatoes look like that too. I figured it was because they are inside and there is so much moisture the leaves are always dripping wet & don't like that. Thus is the first year I have had roots growing from the stems as well. Lots of blossoms and small tomatoes that are delicious but none of any real size

it is hard to tell with your indoor lights the true colors.

the pictures of the tomatoes are not coming up at the moment?

Take a look at this page it has good photos that may help you.

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