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I have seen numerous recommendations for how long to take to drain the beds, and then for refilling them. Is it appropriate to have the pump running all the time, and control the flow into the grow bed (s)?

Or, is it better to have them (pumps) on a timer? I do not have a sump. So far just one tank and one grow bed, with plans for two more of each.

Thanks for any input.


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Thanks Scott.

I sent an email inquiry to the CA Dept of FIsh and Game, and never received the courtesy of a reply, but it is my understanding from other sources that as long as it is a closed system, ie. no possible access to any fresh water streams it is OK. In reading various comments, it appears others are raising Talapia.

Nope. Closed system means nothing.

There is a "tropical fish hobby" exemption, except "tropical fish hobby" means you're not eating the fish. And I've had my fish stores ask their suppliers, they can not get tilapia as pets.

And it's easy to think "oh they'll never catch me." Except an astute DFG employee could easily read these posts and decide to pay a visit. Or a nosy neighbor calls the state's anonymous tip line.

According to the California Department of Fish and Game "Leaflet # 35"

Tilapia will be approved only in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside,
San Diego, and Imperial counties. It may be stocked there only in waters approved by the
Department of Fish and Game. Only T. mossambica and T. hornorum may be stocked and
recipient waters must be approved by the Department. No tilapia may be imported until the
genetic integrity of the stock has been certified. This certification may be required for every

Why don't you guys revolt?  California is such a nanny state...

Regarding the timer.  Switching valves do not require the pump to shut off or to run continuously.

Why bother? Tilapia isn't really an appropriate species in northern california, unless you're ready and willing to spend $$$ heating in the winter. My channel catfish survived 38 degree water - something Tilapia can't do. And I'm going to add some redear suncrackers to my system next month. 

BTW - Not only do the channel cats survive the icy wintery water (just stop feeding them below 50deg F), but they also love the bathtub warm waters of summer (90's) with appropriate aeration and filtration. 

First I'll need your "political contribution" ;-} PM me for paypal address

Jim Troyer said:

Why don't you guys revolt?  California is such a nanny state...

my check is in the mail

Thanks, So

1. What kind of fish are people in No California using in their Aquaponics systems?

2. Jim, I don't understand. If the pump does not need to run continuosly, but likewise does not need to shut off, How does the system work?  

I started my note befoe seeing Scotts latest. Where can I get some Channel Catfish to get started?  And what are redear suncrackers?  I guess I can google that. I did buy an aquarium heater, but that was to keep the plants happy before I was ready to add fish.

Jim, I'm pretty sure that all states and municipalities have laws written to protect their people's interests from invasive species. Even Arizona has this List of aquatic invasive species signed as their game and fish director's orders.

 List of aquatic invasive species (AIS)

    • Quagga & Zebra Mussel
    •  Rusty Crayfish
  •  Red Claw Crayfish
  •  New Zealand mudsnail
  •  Didymo, a.k.a. rock snot
  •  Giant Salvinia
  •  Asian Carp (Silver, Black, Bighead)
  •  Apple Snail
  •  Snakehead
  •  Whirling Disease
  •  Largemouth Bass Virus (LMB Virus)

I hope this helps. Long live the revolution and social tolerance. I mean just how bad can rock snot be? ;)

Jim Troyer said:

Why don't you guys revolt?  California is such a nanny state...

Jim, they had The Terminator as their governor. Don't think that's gonna work out too well.

Jim Troyer said:

Why don't you guys revolt?  California is such a nanny state...

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