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System shut down for three months but wondering if I need to cycle it again

I'm restarting my aquaponics system (I live in the FL Keys) and wonder if I need to cycle it again. I added ammonia three times but no ammonia appears in a water test. No Nitrite too but there is about .25 Nitrate. I wonder if it's already cycled and I can add fish again. Any ideas on this? I hate to keep adding ammonia (though I guess the fish would anyway). 

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How long are you waiting to check your ammonia levels after you add it?

A day. BTW, the system is four years old. 

And when you added ammonia, you added 2-4ppm worth?

Yes I did. 

Sounds to me like you should be good to go then.

that's what I think too. Thanks for replying! Ordering my fish now. 

What kind of fish are you going with this time? I've got some channel catfish that will be ready for pickup on Friday :)

I live in the Keys. Where are you? I'm planning, as usual, to have tilapia. 

I'm in Illinois about 1 hour west of Chicago.

Why don't I just drive on up... :)

Thanks for the offer anyway. Tilapia fingerlings will be delivered tomorrow. 

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